the sound of antarctica

the sound of antarctica

Researchers from the American Geophysical Union have found, by deploying seismographs across the Ross ice shelf, that a song can be heard coming from within the ice.

These super sensitive instruments (placed in the shelf’s near-surface) picked up different frequencies and ‘spectral changes’ as it experienced storms and (importantly) melting events like the one in 2016.

The findings suggest seismological monitoring has the potential to track (and give a voice to) the turbulent fluctuations of Antarctic ice shelves.

Eerie, right?

Read the full paper here.


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  • I read about this a couple of days ago and there were people making fun of it on the social media, saying that it wasn’t true or even important! It’s great that you’re talking about it. Looking forward for the next post! đŸ™‚

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