22 things I’ve learnt by 22

22 things I’ve learnt by 22

This post would probably make more sense if I was about to turn 23. I’m not (I have another 3 months yet), but I’m feeling wistful so bear with me… I’ve seen a few Youtube videos along this vein and I kinda love them! They give you an interesting insight into other people’s growth and are grounding on a personal level. So, here goes:


1. If a friendship is worth cherishing, it shouldn’t seem like a chore to keep up.

2. I don’t have to have a massive friendship group to feel content.

3. I don’t have to love socialising and it’s okay to say no to going out or doing anything I don’t want to do, even if it’s not ‘cool’.

4. Being comfortable in my own company is important but hard sometimes.

5. I change as a person every year that goes by, and change isn’t a bad thing.

6. My life doesn’t have to fit a mould or a timeline, I can do everything on my own terms and in my own order. Setting time-stamps to have reached goals by only sets us up to feel like a failure.

7. Routine is good for me and I thrive when I have one. Otherwise, I get complacent. And a bit sad.

8. I’m a hoarder and I NEED to start incorporating more minimalistic tendencies into my life.

9. Family is one of the most important things in the world and shouldn’t be taken for granted.

10. Finding true, genuine love happens when you’re least expecting it and will totally change your life in the best way possible. And it’s scary.

11. I never want to stop learning, regardless of what format it’s in.

12. I want to change the world (*cue gagging noise*).

13. I don’t know how to change the world.

14. I want children so much but know I’m not only not mature enough, but I’m not ready to sacrifice my life just yet for a child when sometimes I feel like one myself.

15. Everything, from menstruation to mental health, becomes easier to deal with when you take the time to understand and listen to your body and mind and find out what works for you.

16. I realise more and more how internalised misogyny and sexism affects and controls my behaviour and I’m trying to break that.

17. I’m learning to stop wearing make-up if I’m using it as a security blanket and I’m caring less about the fact that I’m conventionally ‘prettier’ if I wear it. It doesn’t matter.

18. Climate change terrifies me but I want to use that fear to act. I don’t want to ever become numb or paralysed to injustice or social crises.

19. Nothing will change how crappy the human race can be unless every single one of us has some major shifts in thinking. Which probably won’t happen until it’s too late.

20. My love and respect for our ecosystem grows more and more with every year.

21. Some battles aren’t worth fighting.

22. People will always mock you for having a passion and you can’t force someone to care about something. Focus on yourself and the improvements you can make in the world.


Feel free to leave below the top three things that you’ve learnt so far in your life, however old you are. I’d love to read them! I think we can all learn something from one another. Thanks for reading,

Kirstie x



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13 thoughts on “22 things I’ve learnt by 22”

  • I loved reading this! I’m only 17 but I constantly compare myself to others, including the way I look what I do in my spare time and how many friends I have. I’m not as bad as I used to be because I obviously don’t need a friendship group of 15 people when I have a few close friends, and it doesn’t matter if I choose to not go out with my friends. I’m excited for when I’m in my 20s, but I’m scared that I’ll make the wrong choices and not enjoy them, so reading this post has changed my mindset. The hardest thing for me is being confident with myself and the way I look, but I’m getting there 🙂 Thanks for posting Kirstie! x

  • I loved to read these, some of them really made me think and take another look at some aspects in life.

    The three most important things I’ve learnt so far in my 20 and a half years of living are probably 1) that even though it might hurt, sometimes you have to cut people out of your life, because they only make you feel miserable and nobody deserves that. 2) there is not a certain age for doing anything and you should not be ashamed if you’ve never had a certain thing by a certain age. I’ve never had a relationship nor a first kiss and even though this sometimes hurts and bothers me, it’s nothing to be ashamed off. Everybody does things his own way and sooner or later it will happen. 3) It’s okay not to be okay. I used to be so scared of talking about my anxiety and my mental health, but I’ve learned to open up about it to my friends and on my blog, because sometimes you just need to vent and cry, and that’s okay, because everyone goes through that sometimes.

    This was probably the longest comment ever and I hope I didn’t bore you! I really enjoyed reading this post! 🙂

  • Hello Kirstie, I love your blogs and writing . I’m 19, I understood in my life that you change and there’s nothing bad about it. I’ve learned that I don’t need some people company if that type of friendship is toxic, burning bridges really helps. I also realised that people are always gonna judge you no matter what you do, that’s important to ignore those whispers behind your back and live at your best, surrounding yourself with only few people who really make you feel good.

  • I feel so understood its crazy, you’re posts always help me somehow. Thank you very much for the work you put in it <3
    Here's one thing I've learned in 16 years: Never compare yourself to others. Not in the way you act nor in the way you look or dress yourself. (Still working on this tho…)

  • I’m 17 and I know that I still have lots of things to learn, but from my little experience I learned three things that mean a lot to me: the first one is maybe the most important one both for my growth and mental health and is simply not being afraid to talk and tell your opinion. some time ago I realised that I had a friendship which was being toxic for me and I never had the courage to talk because I was afraid of the consequences. but then I took the risk and acted. And now I feel so much better, happier, wiser, I made some mistakes that I wish had never happened but they helped me grow up and become a better person!
    The second thing I’ve learned is to always say hi first! Maybe you expect someone to greet you first but this person is doing the same so you end up in such an embarrassing situation.
    And the third thing is to spend as much time as possible with your family and close friends, because this means true happiness for me. I’ve realised that I spend too much time on my phone and sometimes don’t pay enough attention to people how love and care about me, so now I’m trying to spend more time with them and this is helping a lot!

  • What i’ve learned in 16 years: you don’t have to care about what other people think of you. The people that really like you, like you because you are like you are and the others, you don’t need them anyway

  • Don’t set yourself up for unrealistic expectations that you’ll never meet as you’ll see yourself as a failure.
    It’s okay to let yourself be inspired by others but it’s not okay to let yourself be harmfully affected by those people.
    You are unique and perfect. It’s okay to be different.
    You should speak out about problems you have. Of you don’t that problem is only going to get bigger and bigger and it only going to create more problems that will make your shoulders heavier and they will get so heavy that you will fall under the weight

  • I’m 15, and here’s what I’ve learned so far:
    1. Cancer is NOT a sentence.
    2. You should always fight, but only if it’s worth fighting
    3. Giving up is not good choice, because what will happend after you give up makes you feel terrible
    4. You have to find your power inside because it’s always waiting for you
    5. Crying is ok
    6. Dreaming is ok, but only if you do something to make this dream come true
    7. If one friend left you it doesn’t mean the rest will do it too
    8. Everyone should stop thinking about likes on Instagram/facebook/twitter/…
    9. Forgetting is easier than forgiving, but forgiving is better than forgetting
    10. Everything that’s good ends sooner or later but life always gives you more
    11. It doesn’t matter what people think about you, but what you think about yourself
    12. The good things you’ve done always come back to you
    13. Beauty isn’t hidden in skinny, perfect people but in everyone. Your weight, skin, age, hair or nationality doesn’t matter.
    14. Love is the best thing you can offer to someone
    15. Love is the most important thing you have to offer to yourself. You have to love yourself before you love someone else.
    16. “your age doesn’t define your maturity, your grades don’t define your intelligence, gossips don’t define who you are”

  • I’m about to turn 21 and one thing I’ve learnt in the past few years is the importance of perspective. We give our experiences meaning and depending on how we look at them, the same experience can leave us feeling horrible or actually, pretty good.
    When it comes to people I’ve also learnt to think twice before making any judgements or forming any opinions. It’s far more interesting and rewarding understanding the reasons for someone acting in a way than being annoyed at their flaws.

    I could also relate to some of your points, especially to the ones about friendship and learning.
    Glad you’re back at writing, I really enjoyed this blog post😊

    Hope you’re having a lovely summer!

    Sari x

  • Hi kirstie, we have the same age by the way. So in love with ur blog. Number 2, 15, and 19 are my top 3. Friendship, self care and also awareness about our planet really spoke to me. Have a great day. Love from indonesia 😊

  • Hi! I’m Ola and I’m 16 years old. However, this age has already taught me a few things.
    First of all: true friends are those who have stayed with me in difficult times. It seems that the rest was in my life for fun or just not feel lonely.
    Second, do not worry about people’s opinions about your appearance. I do not belong to those slim people, but I loved myself and probably it is the most important thing.
    Thirdly: to achieve your dream goal in life, you must learn all your life. I had a moment in my life where I absolutely did not want to learn. Later, I had problems with subjects such as chemistry, biology, physics … Now that I am going to a new school after summer holidays, I have a decision that my education will reach a high level.
    Fourthly, it is not worth smoking, drinking or taking stimulants to show how “adults” are already with people much older than you, because it often leads to suicide or someone can kill you. I was an eyewitness when the girl got drunk the most probably because of his elder boy. She was found long time among the bushes and unfortunately the heart stopped. Fortunately saved her. This girl is one year older than me.
    Fifth: try very often to show love to your loved ones, because they suddenly leave and then you are tormented by the thoughts: “Why did not I often say that I love you?” I experienced my grandmother’s death a year ago and I still have these thoughts.
    Your entry, Kirstie, is really interesting and informative. I read it very well. And although you come from England and I from Poland, I can safely say that despite other customs, you are a very good example for people from the WHOLE world. I love your person and I wish you good luck in the further development of dreams, working on the world and everything good. Thank you for being with us! And thank you for the smile that belongs to those who are sincere and friendly! I send you hugs and kisses!
    (PS: Have you ever thought about creating a YouTube channel, you have such a calm voice!)

  • 1. I’ve learnt to not surround myself with toxic people. I find it better to have one good friend than too many friends which would never be there for me.
    2. I’m slowly coming out of my shell and becoming more confident in my own skin, as I used to be really self conscious about wearing shorts in the summer and now I’m gradually feeling better about wearing them
    3. I hear it a lot but I’m learning to be patient in order to find my other half

  • 1. Learning how to enjoy my own company is important.

    2.Making all A’s in my Master’s program is not going to get me a job. It’s more about the experiences than about making all A’s.

    3.Life is too short. If I want to move to another country to find a job and let go of all of my securities here at home, then DO IT.

    Really enjoyed reading this! Excited for you (and me) to keep growing!


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