I put together this video (first time editing on iMovie and it’s filmed on my iPhone so, please, forgive the quality!) of our trip to Australia. It was intended just as a way to look back on the trip ourselves, but I thought I’d pop it on here too. So, enjoy! Let me know what you think or if you visited any of the same places that we did.

On a side note, now that I’ve had some practice with iMovie and Vimeo, i’m thinking of adding more regular, chatty, topical videos to my website. If you guys would like that then tweet me or comment below your thoughts on any topics you’d like me to discuss. I have a few ideas on the top of my head, but would be interested to hear some suggestions from those who visit this website.

Enjoy! Love always, Kirstie x


28 thoughts on “AUSTRALIA 2017”

    • I’ve never been someone so full of natural beauty! Absolutely loved it, I hope you get the chance to visit one day x

  • Aww, I loved the video, it was great! I’ve never really thought about visiting Australia (even though it sounds absolutely ridiculous, I can’t think past the spiders and flight!) but, I have to say, it does look very beautiful in this and somewhere very worth visiting! Also, I am loving all the new little touches to your website and I am not exaggerating when I say that chatty topical videos from you would be an absolute dream, I’m sure all of your avid readers, like me, will absolutely adore watching them. I can’t wait! I honestly don’t mind what you talk about in the videos, I think that anything you are truly interested in and passionate about will be a pleasure to watch!

    Annie x

    • So funny you say that because honestly I was the same…my spider fear verges on phobia and the flight also sounded horrendous, and to be fair I was jumpy a LOT of the time when we were walking haha! Honestly though, I really never had a huge interest in visiting for those reasons. But yep, defo worth a visit if you can make it at some point in the future, so so beautiful!! Ah that’s so sweet of you and I’m glad you like the idea. Sounds like a plan then! x

  • I think this is such a good idea and of course it’s an amazing video as well! Extremely beautiful! I’ve always wanted to visit, but my parents aren’t too keen on the idea of flying for that long. I hope to go one day though! x

  • I loved the video !! Australia is very beautiful, I hope to have the opportunity to visit one day!
    I loved the idea of you making more videos! I think you should do a video showing some interesting things about London.

    Bruna x

  • Would have never guessed it was your first time using IMovie or that you filmed this on your iPhone! It was beautiful. The best way to keep memories!

    Iā€™m currently studying to get my Masters in Social Work, so I would be interested in anything you discuss! Maybe your thoughts on DACA, mental health, or how we can better support the children of our nation. Iā€™m from the U.S., so you guys across the pond do a better job of caring for your children than we do over here, unfortunately. The lack of care we give our children (our future) has really struck a nerve recently. Any thoughts on that would be interesting!

    Glad you had safe travels!

    Reagan Xx

    • Thank you so much! That’s so nice to know haha.

      Sounds like a great topic idea, i’ll add it to my list and have a think! Thanks Reagan x

  • Loved this so much!! I would deffo subscribe if you ever made a vlogging channel on YouTube one day! But I do hope you consider it šŸ™ˆ I was kinda hoping you’d come to the Philippines as well. šŸ™ Hopefully, next time though!! We have lots of great beaches here <3 Love you, Kirstie!!! Hugs from the Philippines ā¤ļø

  • Australia is one of the most amazing places to live in! And to see that you have experienced some of the most beautiful places in Australia, makes it even better ā¤ļø Hopefully you come back soon xxx

  • Honestly Kirstie, you are so amazing. I look up to you in many different ways. Your beauty, your blog and your courage (this sounds strange) but I have severe seperation anxiety and you are such an icon to me and so inspiring that you cope without James for long lengths of time and you’re still so happy. Keep doing you, you’re amazing x

  • ahh i really love it!! you and James are so adorable like relationship goals!!! i would most definitely watch your videos girl! you inspire me everyday! I would love to visit Australia one day but i hate insects and heard they are big over there lol!! I would like to see videos on being confident and how to talk to guys, how to deal with social anxiety, places in london to visit!! have a fabulous weekend love you xxx

  • Hi kristie! I’ve only just got around to watching the video, and I love it, especially being from Sydney and recognising everything I’m so glad you enjoyed your time here, be sure to come back! I just wanted to let you know, we don’t have porcupines in Australia, what you saw was actually a native spieces called an Echidna. And for even more fun facts, the echidna and the platypus (which if you didn’t see is all the more reason to come back, it’s one of my favourite animals) are the only monotremes in the world, which means they are mammals that lay eggs, very unique to our country. Anyway keep up the videos and blog, I can’t wait to see what else you will post
    Sophie xxx

  • Australia was one of my favourite places too ! Best bit was horse riding on the beach !! x
    Looked like you loved it !

  • Aww I loved this! I live in Australia and it was so nice to see you visiting some of the local spots! If you come back, you should defitintly head up to Queensland as well.

    On other note, just wanted to thank you for the awareness that you’re bring to such important social issues. Great to see other young women speaking up and using their voices. Keep going girl! Xx

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