why (i think) more people aren’t vegetarian

why (i think) more people aren’t vegetarian

Lack of connection.

A total lack of connection is the reason that more people don’t make the change to a meat and fish free diet – we, as humans, just don’t make the link between our food and what it once was. We don’t think about where it came from, what it did, what it thought and felt. As a species, we are oblivious to a lot of the awful things that goes on around us because we are relatively ignorant, put bluntly. We aren’t innately evil and we don’t totally lack compassion, but along the way we have managed to successfully blur out the gruesome facts that make up, when boiled down to it, a very barbaric system of food creation and supply.

Things went wrong (in my opinion) when we started detaching what is served to us on a plate from what it was before it reached a factory: when we began to see our McDonald’s cheeseburger as that and that alone and not the sentient being that it was a few months previous, when it was able to perceive and feel emotion, including happiness, terror and grief.

Then there is the other issue that plagues us humans – we hate our belief systems being challenged. We like our comfort zones, especially when they include a nice greasy bacon sandwich on a Sunday morning, and a preachy 21-year-old coming along and talking about loving cows is quite a pain in the arse, really.

A year and a half ago I decided to make the change to a meat and fish free diet after watching a few documentaries (cliché, but true) that entirely changed the way I looked at factory farming and commercial fishing and the murder of animals for human use in general. I kick myself now for not making the change sooner (again – cliché, but true).

Disclaimer – I used to love meat and fish. As in, in my first year of university, I would go to McDonald’s three times a week, religiously. Either a Filet O’Fish (contentious choice I know), chicken nuggets or a McChicken Sandwich with cheese (and the cheese burger I’d get free with my student card on the side, obviously). I remember at the beginning of the process of making the change, thinking to myself, ‘God, I really wish I could un-watch that programme’, as I tucked into a cheese burger, seeing scenes of screaming cows imprinted on my eyelids every time I blinked, but from then on out I couldn’t. It’s like flipping a switch, I think. Once it’s switched, you question why you would ever want to plunge yourself back into darkness again.

I’m not expecting anyone to go vegetarian after reading this, but I at least hope it gets some of you thinking, researching, and questioning why it is that we are okay with allowing such a damaging process of food supply to continue daily: to question why we pet our dogs with one hand, and use the other to cram another burger into our mouths. On a humanistic and compassionate level, it makes no sense.

To put it bluntly, factory farming, commercial fishing, and the eating of the resulting products, are killing our world. Literally, killing it. Our planet is dying: our rainforests are being dilapidated to make room for cattle farms, the way we interfere with our oceans and poison our waterways is endangering species and killing ecosystems, and the air we breathe is being poisoned by the greenhouse gases and waste that livestock production creates. If our forests, our oceans, and the beings that walk, swim and live within them could talk, they would be begging us to stop. They would be crying out for us to put an end to it.

For my children, and their grandchildren, and their grandchildren, and the planet that they will one day inhabit, I am vegetarian. For the animals that I recognise as needing our compassion in a world which sees them as nothing but a food source, I am vegetarian. I hope you could be too, one day, even if in this moment you think I’m nothing more than a preachy kale lover.

Happy World Vegetarian Day! Love always, Kirstie x


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  • I am starting to see this in a whole new light thank you so much for continuing to educate us everyday about something new 🙆🏼

  • I love this! I’m so happy you wrote about this! I can’t believe it took me until this year to go vegetarian. I get ridiculed in some way every single day for being vegetarian either that or I get “omg how do you live?” Pretty easily actually. I don’t know if this sounds bad but I actually feel a lot less guilt after making the switch. Does that sound bad? I don’t know but it’s almost like a relief for me, the animals and the environment. I think it’s just one of those things that people are for some reason closed minded about, they hear the word ‘vegetarian’ and scoff then dismiss the entire idea. I wish people would at least try, I feel so much healthier as well because it’s also more encouraging to cook a proper fresh meal instead of relying on places like McDonald’s to hand you greasy burgers etc.
    I always feel so relieved when others talk about vegetarianism because it’s SO rare to find them. And it’s almost as if you knew I was having a bad day and saved it with a post.
    Thank you so much!

    • Also, i forgot to include that I really for some reason dislike all the vegetarian chicken I have tried so far. I have no idea why but I just find them so disgusting, especially the quorn chicken. I haven’t tried many kinds though. Do you have any recommendations? Thank you 🙂

      • uh i agree! peoples perceptions are SO skewed on the subject and they feel so threatened by it for some reason. the guilt thing is so true as well, be that right or wrong!! Ah I absolutely love quorn chicken haha! have you tried linda mccartney’s stuff? her sausages are AMAZING ❤ xxxx

        • I know right? Glad you agree with the guilt thing haha! I wish I liked the quorn chicken, maybe I just need to keep trying it. I have heard about the linda mccartney sausages but I’ve never tried them! I will definitely give them a try! Thank you so much! <3

  • My head was constantly nodding all the way through this. You babe. And “don’t even like kale” … lol

  • I love the passion you put into these posts! I have wanted to go vegetarian for a while now, but im a very fussy eater and probably wouldnt be able to make up the missed protein… if that makes sense (?) However i have cut down my meat intake greatly (i havent touched bacon since Feb and beef since May) and try only to eat chicken and fish regularly. Thank you for your blog posts and your views/opinions on these things; i love reading them😘 ((also i hate to be a pain but if you get a chance to would you mind checking out my blog? some help/feedback would be much appreciated)) ❤️Lots of love xxx

    • It takes a lot of research to really figure out what we could still thrive on – things like Quorn, beans and pulses, like lentils, nut butters and nuts, yoghurts (total greek yogurt) etc that are packed with protein. Thank you for reading! Love your results day post ❤ lots of love xx

      • I’ll have to try some of those (i hate (emphasis on hate) being a picky eater and disliking a lot of things🙄) and oh my gosh thank you so much😘

  • What are the documentaries you saw? I would really like to get a deeper knowledge in this area, and those documentaries would be a good way to make people conscious of the kind of world we live in. Thanks Kirstie!!!

    PS: I love kale though! x

    • Most prominent two would be cowspiracy and earthlings, but it came more from youtubers actually. i used to watch a youtuber called essena o’Neill when she first started youtube, and it was watching her/others like her that that really got me into properly actually I’d say, and I found documentaries from there. The documentaries are super graphic, so I’d be aware of that before you watch xx

  • Beautifully inscribed…This is what I think exactly the first part of it, how much we don’t want to go out from our comfort zone…
    I am vegetarian for 3/4 of year, also after get know all the things, how it’s coming on our plates, what they doing with animals…I have milk intolerance so when I start next year on school I needed paper from doctor about my diet, I ask her if she can write also that I am vegetarian and she starts to be angry on me, starts to arguing about my heatlh and everything like that. She really shocked me with her false opinions, she is doctor she must to know, right? And then I found next reason why people eating meat. About all the imposing traditions ’cause for example who said to chinese to eat dogs and cats? State, family, peeps around…And how you wrote we – humans killing our place for living, place for our children and peeps after us.

    Kirstie you’re so inspiricous, thanks that I found your blog.

    Happy World Vegetarian Day to you♥
    Charlie xxx

    • It’s a really funny one! Medically, I try not to get into it because there are SO many conflicting opinions. I think at the end of the day we know our bodies and we know the response they have to things, and to what they need (mostly.) But yes, some GPs/doctors are set in very old ways in regard to going veggie, which I think of as more of a generational thing mostly. My young GP didn’t bat an eyelid at me being veggie, but just wanted to check my bloods to make sure my levels were all good. Glad you enjoyed the post, lots of love ❤ xx

  • This is the exact reason I gave up red meat at the start of this year, I have also recently given up fish and chicken. I think its horrible the way animals are treated for us and we don’t even know about it. Your posts are really inspiring and help not only me but a lot of others too. Thank you xx

  • I do want to give up meat and fish, but my parents don’t allow me to (I’m still 13 haha) , and I guess I don’t have as many veggie food in my country as you have in the UK. But I’ll try to be a vegetarian when I’m an adult. Thank you so much for this post, Kirstie! xx

    • You’ll get there eventually! My parents wouldn’t have let me when I was younger either I don’t think. They tried to stop me even when I was 19! thanks for reading <3 xxx

  • I love your work (modeling, blogging…) and I totally agree with all of this, but taking cows’ milk is also very cruel. It’s a baby cow’s milk. Not your mamma, not your milk. People torture cows, goats… to get thier milk. That’s not okay. Kirstie, please watch “Forks Over Knives” and “Cowsiracy” if you still haven’t. You’ll see why you should go vegan ❤ It’s amazing that you’re vegetarian and that you’re trying to stop animal cruelty, that’s honestly AMAZING, but you should really consider vegansim. Love you! ❤

    • Thank you gal! I have actually been vegan! It coincided, however, with a time that I was unwell and it made me a lot worse for various reasons. For that reason, I went back to veggie. I would love to go vegan, but at this time in my life it wouldn’t be healthy for me to do. I’ve seen both of those too but sometimes we have to be practical about what our bodies can take and work to prevent animal cruelty and usage in other ways instead, like in not buying leather and suede for example xx

    • thanks olivia! I only actually use snapchat for close friends and family, sorry! thank you for reading ❤ xx

  • I’ve been thinking about becoming an vegetarian for a while now. I have started eating less meat since a few months but this really got me thinking about to just stop eating it at all.

    Your stories truly inspire me so thank you for writing out your thoughts.
    All the love! Xxx

    • thats great! do it in your own time if you are going to do it – theres no point rushing into it or doing it when you aren’t ready/able to fully be healthy on a veggie diet, as you will just go back to eating meat if you do. thanks so much for reading and being lovely xx

  • This is something that I have been thinking about for a while going veggie that is but I am worried about health impacts and what I will eat with my Sunday roast! But your blog post and Lucy Watson YouTube videos have made me think more deeply about the issue

    • QUORN ROAST IS AMAZING! literally so good – we made the yummiest Sunday roast last weekend. Going veggie had defo made me healthier! Cutting out processed meat automatically will improve your diet, as will cutting out a heavy reliance on red meat, and the fact that you will end up eating more things like veggies pulses and grain can only be good. Thank you for reading! x

  • Hi, me again sorry! Is there any veggie meals or snacks you would recommend that have a good amount of protein and taste good? It’s quite hard to eat healthy and be vegetarian with a whole family who eats meat :/

    • theres sooo many! I’d google it really as there are literally so many I wouldn’t be doing it justice to name a few, and wouldn’t have time to list them all! youtubers are great for this too ❤️ x

  • I would love to be vegetarian, but for some reason my parents won’t let me, but as i’m 16 hopefully i will get there soon and be able to make my own choices.I have been trying to convince my parents and so far have only convinced them to buy organic and free range meat.
    Thank you for writing posts about lots of different topics, I love reading them! x

    • Well that’s a step at least! not all of us have the luxury of dictating what we are fed at home, but at least we know when we start making and buying our own food we will be free to choose. No worries, thank you for reading! ❤️ x

  • Such an inspiring and educational post. I love being able to hear such a wise, admirable voice on great topics. Love love love your blog posts xx

  • Thank u so much for making my day Ur blog is everything when I literally Need anything I go back to Ur blog and read it one by one good job and keep it up xx❤️❤️❤️❤️💋💋

  • Though I am a vegetarian, I never judge someone who isn’t. I try my best to make others aware of the sad truths behind animal cruel and abuse. Puppy mills, animal testing, animal hoarding, the treatment of dairy cows etc! I urge all of you to research how animals are treated in today’s society. When I was 10 years old my mother picked me up from my dads house with a 5 page list of companies she would no longer accept into our house because they owned at least one product that tests on animals(believe it or not, some candy companies like M&M and animal food companies like IAMS test their products on animals in unnecessary and harmful ways). Since then I made it a priority of mine to tell the world about animal cruelty. Every school year when we were assigned to give a speech to the class, I would research a different for of animal cruelty and share it with my classmates… If you aren’t ready to make the full jump to vegetarian start small! Don’t purchase from companies that tes on animals, only purchase grass fed & free range meats and dairy products. A small difference is still a difference!

    • love this!!! sounds amazing, you seem to be doing so much for animals and the planet alike. sending lots of love xxxx

  • Hey KB – Really enjoyed this piece. Have a read of Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer if you haven’t already. It’s an excellent book & I think you’ll get a lot from it, I know I did. Hope you are well! x

    PS Fillet-O-Fish?! Such a 90’s choice.

    • Hiya Glen, thank you! Means a lot 😊 Oh great, I’ll try check it out. A fillet o’fish has always been an underrated choice 😉 All good with me thanks, hope you’re doing well too xx

  • Hi Kirstie I’m a uni girl just like you, also half model, I’m from Spain and I’ve seen for one of my little cousins the impact you are making in this young girls. I ovbiusly think that you know about Brexit and how everything is changing. During summers I spent my holidays working as a model in London and since the brexit I’ve seen how the agressions to spanish people, as well as other foreing people, have been growing; that’s why I encorage you to writte about this agressions and all this hate that is growing in the UK and try to push all your readers to stop it.

    Thanks and hope you progress with this blog,

    • Hi there! I think that’d be a great post, and I will try write that up over the Christmas holidays. I am so sorry you and others you know feel so threatened in our country. It sickens me, but know that the majority do not feel the same way as these bigots. Sorry for being MIA also! Thanks my love! Kirstie xx

  • The more I read, the more inspired I get!!! You talk very honestly and share all your opinions. You have so much positivity to talk about as well as James. I love how he talks a lot about gender equality, and people should think about what they doing or saying (homophobic) and just be respectful to everybody. After all we are all humans gay, lesbian, trans or not, we are all equally the same. ❤️❤️

  • Hi Kirstie! Absolutely loved this! I’ve been a vegetarian for my entire life (due to religious reasons), and I’ve always wondered why people don’t see how much suffering they’re causing the animals. Almost all my friends are non-vegetarians and it makes me feel a little guilty because I’m watching them eat animals, the very thing I’m against. I’ve tried explaining to them and they do condemn animal cruelty, but I don’t think they take me so seriously/they love meat way too much.
    Also, what was the name of the documentary that you watched? I’d love to watch it and maybe make my friends watch it too! (-:
    And I agree with what you said! It is cliche, but a documentary changed the way I view things too. I’d recommend you watch it (though I think you might have) it’s called Before the Flood! I’ve always cared a lot about the environment and climate change, but this made me want to actively take part and do my best to try and mitigate my impact and spread the word!

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