A look back

A look back

From historical pollution and singing ice-sheets to MPA collapses and ozone repair, the past few months have taken me on a journey into a continent I adore.

Imagery of an unchanging, inhospitable continent often come to mind when we think of Antarctica. And aspects of this description are entirely true! But Antarctica is teeming with life, too, and the pace of environmental change on the continent is quickening.

We must, as a society, place more value on Antarctica. If not, it won’t just be penguins and seals at risk as climate change speeds up… Mass-melting of Antarctic ice has the capacity to decimate human habitats in the not-so-distant future. Only by recognising this, and I mean really understanding and engaging with this possibility, do we stand a chance at preventing it becoming reality.

Thanks for reading, thanks for caring.

Kirstie x

Cover photo by Cassie Matias

4 thoughts on “A look back”

  • No THANK YOU for talking about such an important subject and helping so many people such as me understand this and to make small differences in my lifestyle that can have a difference.

  • I totally agree with you! We need to realise that not only will the Antarctic melting effect us as human beings, it will also create a huge impact on all the wildlife that surrounds the area- we can’t forget about that. Some of this wildlife is a great part of our day to day lives. People just don’t seem to understand this! x

  • A hundred percent I agree with you, Kirstie. But our will, become true if there’s a lot of support from the people too, start from the world organizations that kinds of reservation which can play an important role to moving them to throw away their habits that can lead things such like global warming, which are impact on melting ice on the Antarctic. People in the world have to be spoiled, so they will concern about our nature and more care about the cases like this:)💪

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