Literally, where is the love?

Literally, where is the love?


I am writing this post in the wake of the Pulse night club shooting, leaving forty nine dead and another fifty three injured, the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history. Two days previous to writing this, Jo Cox, a Labour MP, a wife, and a mother, was shot and stabbed repeatedly on the street, supposedly by a man screaming ‘Britain First.’ She died hours later from the severity of her injuries. I am so repulsed and so disgustingly angry for each and every single person that was trapped in that club with a gunman hell bent on ending their lives because of their sexuality, for Jo Cox who had so much potential to give to the world, and for her family who are having to attempt to pick themselves up from such a brutally violent attack that ripped their wife and mother from them.

Humanity has always been incredibly talented in perpetrating violence. The pages of our history books are littered with humanity’s failings and selfishness, yet instead of learning, it seems if anything, day by day we wake up to increasingly graphic and deeply saddening acts of violence and hate. It seems difficult to suggest that humanity learns from its mistakes, and perhaps too optimistic.

However, I am wary of coming across as too pessimistic here, for that is the opposite of what I wish to convey as I write this, and not the point of this post either. As a species we have shown ourselves to be capable of great things, acts of immense generosity and kindness in the face of others suffering. The days following the Pulse night club shooting saw huge numbers of Orlando citizens lining up outside blood banks to donate and support those in critical conditions. In the wake of terrible events, communities never fail to come together to bring a fraction of light to incredibly dark times. I think this is my point – we prove over and over that humanity can do more, and can do better than what we see splattered across our newspaper headlines. It is naive to ever suggest that there are not going to be those out for money at the expense of human life and the good of the earth, or crazed fanatics and obsessives with a thirst for violence, but we are more than just that. Orlando is more than its recent tragedy, Syria is more than a war-zone, Jo Cox and her family are more than the legacy of her death. Yes, darkness taints these things, but only when letting it define them do we give up on humanity, and only when we see no better future for ourselves and our planet do we give in and allow the evil amongst us to triumph.

When sitting down to type this post I was aiming to focus on bullying and cyber-bullying alike, yet I have been somewhat sidetracked. I think, however, what I wanted to get on to discussing is intrinsically linked to everything I have previously mentioned. What makes spreading abuse and bitterness amongst our peers both in person and behind a computer screen all the more futile and saddening is the very fact that there is so much unneeded cruelty in the world as it is. We shake our heads and write up condolence tweets in light of shocking acts of hate that we see on the news, yet many of us seem to have little issue in spewing words of cruelty in our own more personal arenas or social media worlds. My point is, when there are so many reasons to wake up in the morning and question what humanity is doing to itself, would it not be more useful and logical to work towards showing more compassion in our own lives?

We operate in a world where companies and businesses profit from promoting competition, from idealising certain appearances or lifestyles, and I do not see it as remotely surprising that our generation has learnt to look at others and, more often than not, look for a means to bring them down. Our perceptions have, largely, been skewed by a media that works for profit, be that economically or politically. I think what I am really trying to convey therefore, is, when so much of what we see happening daily is out of our control, why not take what we do have power over and use it as a means to truly spread compassion and love in what we do?

We have a voice in this world, no matter how quiet it may be: we have the power to move mountains if we come together and work hard enough, and I think it is such a terribly sad waste to instead pour our efforts into futile acts of nastiness and hate. Why not try and treat everyone you encounter with the same decency that you would wish them to show to you? We are not perfect creatures, and we are bound to make mistakes: our emotions get the better of us at times and we say things we regret to people who do not deserve it. Yet this does not remove both the ability and duty we have to put our efforts and energy into acting with kindness. When there are so many people out to inflict pain and suffering on innocent people on the basis of skewed and perverse beliefs, the least we can do is promote compassion in our own lives and amongst others, no matter how small a scale it may be on.

Lots of love, Kirstie x

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  • Another great post kirstie 💙 If only people had decency, if only people could be nice and learn to respect those around us we would be a better, more peaceful world! 💙 Your posts are always so eye opening and I praise you for that! Love you xxx

  • I agreed with every single word you said. Absolutely terrible what happened that night. I love your blog Kirstie and am thinking of starting my own, because of you. Is there any tips you could give to me? XX

    • thank you! I guess just have a rough idea of what you think you want to discuss, and have some ideas in mind before you begin so you don’t set one up and then have nothing to write xx

  • Once again, a great post. I love your blog as it is quite education and has helped me with a better understanding of things that are going on in the world at the moment. Well done xx

  • Kirstie,
    I could not have said it better myself. Society needs to amend its problems and kindness is the way forward. In doing so, we can each make our own lives better as well as others around us. Your words have been somewhat inspiring to me and in light of your post and your words on how we all have a voice no matter if it’s big or small, I know that to begin people promoting more passion and love towards each other, I need to start myself.
    Thank you for putting into words how me and probably many other people have felt about the world that we live in and the problems occurring on an if not daily than weekly basis.

    Once again, this is a perfect summary of society and thank you for writing this wonderful post.

    Lots of love Faye x

    • Thank you for such a lovely comment! I strongly believe we can all make a difference no matter how small. Glad you enjoyed the post <3 x

  • Each one of your posts has such a special message in them, thank you for writing such amazing posts 💟

  • 100% agree with you we are becoming something terrible and we have to make a change and stop that! I love your article as always 💛

  • This is so beautiful and moving and i hope thousands, if not more, people get a chance to see this. Humanity is inevitably destroying itself and im so happy to see that other people share views similar to mine😊 Youre a wonderful person, Kirstie❤️

  • Love your blog! I completely agree with everything you said. What happen to both Jo Cox and the people involved in the Pulse night club shooting is truly horrendous and I can’t start think of how all the families involved must feel. To think that what happen at the Pulse night club was to do with the sexuality of someone is beyond me, especially in today’s society where lots of people accept the fact that not all people are of the same sexuality. I truly hope that one day shootings like these stop as just even the thought of something like this happening again angers me because killing innocent people is never the right thing to do no matter how much you may disagree with their believes. (sorry for rambling on!). Love you xx

    • I agree! I can’t even pretend to imagine how their families must feel. horrendous..thank you for reading x

  • Love, love, love this! It’s so sad to see people following the paths that have been followed for thousands of years but in such a different way. It’s honestly a shame that after all this time people still struggle to accept the differences that we all have and it seems near on impossible to live in a world where people aren’t dying at the hands of violence every single day. X

    • It’s so sad to see and nothing’s going to change from me writing one blog post about it but I still think it’s worth talking about anyway!x

      • Definetly! At the end of the day, the more awareness and the more people who realise that a change needs to happen means there’s a better chance of something improving! X

  • Such a beautiful post Kirstie I couldn’t have said it better myself everything that’s happened over the last couple of months have been rediculous and I don’t even know what’s happening to the world anymore it scares me hopefully one day the world will finally be at peace ❤️❤️

  • Great post like always! I totally agree with every single word you wrote! I can’t wait for the next post!

  • I couldn’t agree with you more. I have been trying myself to write about the recent Orlando shootings, Jo cox incident and an incident local to myself and I struggled to word it in a way which people would understand. This does it all!!

  • Such a great post Kirstie your blog is really good and I agree this whole thing is devastating. Glad people like you care about this enough to write about it. Also I’m thinking of making a blog but don’t have a clue what to write.😂 Lots of Love Eva xx💖

    • Thank you! I didn’t have a clue really when I started to be honest, as long as you have a rough idea it’s enough xx

  • Such a great post Kirstie, thank you for this. And btw this is good for me to read text like this in english cause i’m french and imma trying to learn english and be able to speak very well… Buy anyway I understand the most important and I totally agree with you, and I admire you for taking time to write this. Be proud of yourself. Lots of love x

  • Thank you love, I try my best to speak english! And oh this sentence:”we have to put our efforts and energy into acting with kindness” if only the whole world could do that it would be so much different and everybody would be a little happier I think… I’m so down with our world but we have to be strong all together x

  • Very amazingly beautiful writing Kirstie💖 What happened in Orlando is close to my heart since I have family members and friends who are gay or lesbian! Makes me really sad and scared for them! You really are inspiring to me! I wish bullying was never made cause it’s getting worse! I wrote a paper on bullying last year since I knew what it’s like getting bullied in school! You are beautiful inside and out 😘☺️ Hate seeing people hating on you xxx people need to know they can’t help it who they are and who they love! Wish we all could get along xxx thanks again for the post

    • I can imagine, it really must be scary and i’m sorry you even have to fear something so horrific. thank you for your lovely comment <3 xxx

  • Another amazing post! Thanks for share with us your thoughts! I really admire you and I love you So much! You’re an incredible person! I see it in your posts, in your snapchat, in everything you do! Hahah i love you So much beautiful, thanks for be yourself with us xx

  • Waw, this was so beautifully written and sums up exactly what it is all about. We do need more love in this world and I’m more than happy to spread it. I used to be a victim of bullying during primary and secondary school, yet it does thrive me to keep seeing the positive things in people now I’m in university. Every time I hear sad things like the Orlando shooting and Christina Grimmie’s and Jo Cox’ death, my heart breaks into a million pieces. I wish I could do something to help, but as a sole individual I am powerless. We need to work together to bring the love back in the world, it can even be small things, like helping an old lady cross the street. Cause what is worth more than a smile?
    Thank you for always writing so accurately about what it’s all about. I really enjoy reading your blog posts and every time I keep finding my own opinions back in them as well. Keep up the good work!
    Much love <3

    • thank you love! you aren’t powerless! you have more power than you could imagine, especially when grouped together with like minded people. Thank you for reading and for the lovely comment <3 xx

  • I love this blog! your an understanding and incredible person! This is written beautifully. I totally agree with every word , this sums up exactly what it’s about I enjoy reading your posts . This blog is coming on really well I’m proud of you even with the hard work you’ve put into this! I admire and love you lots. Keep it up
    Much love!<3

  • This is such a good post! One line in particular on this has stuck with me. It is this one. “The pages of our history books are littered with humanity’s failings and selfishness, yet instead of learning, it seems if anything, day by day we wake up to increasingly graphic and deeply saddening acts of violence and hate.” You are so talented and I love reading your blogs! Love You xx

  • Once again you managed to get me thinking and got the emotions going. I always end up rambling to my family after reading your posts because you think the same way as me 😂❤️

    • ah hahah thats amazing though! so happy that people are finding these posts interesting enough to inspire other discussions. much love xx

  • (Sorry for commenting on every single post, however I do adore your blog and will probably continue, sorry again)
    Isn’t it terrible? It’s becoming more and more frequent these days. I found myself walking around Glasgow, a city I’ve been going to since, well, forever. But this time I was feeling so anxious and I hate that. The fact that people are now nervous to go out and live their lives is awful. It’s always been my plan to travel and explore different countries but if I’m anxious to go to a city that is only 20 minutes away from where I stay, how am I going to do that? I can’t even begin to imagine how the victims of these victims and the families surrounding them must feel. And not even just that but the little things too. Like the amount of racist, sexist and homophobic comments that I hear at school is disgusting and seeing people who aren’t as priveliged getting taken advantage of is really upsetting. I can’t understand why it is so difficult to just be mature and kind to one another.

    Thank you for the post, I am extremely glad that amongst all of the awful things in the world there are people like you who make it much brighter and give me somebody who I can rely on to be lovely.

    Lots of love,
    x X x

    • I totally agree doll and I think there is a reason that most people can’t understand some peoples motives – because largely they make no sense at all. Thank you for reading lovely x

  • I admire you deeply for expressing your view on such sensitive topics.. I have always admired you for being so independent, and not listening to other peoples hate about you&your past… to be honest, I think that’s why I look up to you the most as a female inspiration, because even though people may have given you a tough time, you have always been the bigger person, and ignored it! I also think that this is my weak point, as I am easily hurt, and take people’s opinions about me to heart so much! My question to you would be… how do you ignore everything&act like everything is fine..? <3 I will never be able to thankyouu enough for being such a powerful inspiration to me! Would mean the world to me if you followed me on instagram – miss_georgiaa
    Love you <3 x

    • thank you for such a lovely comment! At the end of the day you should only value the opinion of those people that you value, and anyone elses treat as irrelevant. Thanks so much for reading and being so sweet xx

  • It is so realistic and well written, plays somehow the fact that many do not see! Your blog is amazing! Love you, Kirstie <3 xKarolx

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