Each year in June, the Dog Meat Festival commences in Yulin, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region of China, in conjunction with the summer solstice. It is thought that yearly, within China 10-20 million dogs are slaughtered for meat, and a further 10-15,000 are tortured and killed during the festival itself.

Whilst international outcry and activism both within and outside of China has reduced the scope of the festival (that only began in 2010), legislation banning it has failed to pass congress. The festival is immensely cruel and largely illegal, given that many of the dogs involved are stolen pets. It is also a huge public health issue, with diseased strays being used and sold for meat too, and as such has been condemned by the World Health Organisation. Eating dog meat has been a custom in China for centuries (although very much on the wane), especially in southern provinces, but the festival itself puts a sadistic spin on an already unregulated practice.

Dogs and cats alike are bludgeoned, burned, and boiled alive, have metal instruments inserted into their stomachs, and are disemboweled and dismembered. The animals are very much conscious throughout the process, from being bought or stolen and transported in cramped cages for miles on end, to being stored in factories or back rooms of restaurants and watching their companions die before their own ordeal begins. It is believed that their meat tastes better the more adrenaline-rich it is: effectively, the more pain, and thus fear, that is inflicted whilst the animal is alive, the tastier the meat at the end.

I oppose the event and wider practice on two grounds. Firstly, I am personally against eating any type of meat and fish. Secondly, and what is probably more relatable on a far wider scale, the level of sadism and torture is enough to make me feel ill. It is purely barbaric and nothing less, and to justify it under a cultural veil is utterly pathetic. Culture evolves, as China itself can testify, with the banning of foot binding as a practice. The majority of Chinese citizens oppose the event, and the eating of dog meat itself is said to be declining, so to suggest that this festival is part of Chinese tradition would be an insult. It is the result of a quest for money and an excuse for relatively freely permitted torture against helpless victims.

There are only two ways that the event will come to an end, and that is with a continuous and proactive mounting of pressure on Chinese officials to strictly prohibit it taking place, and to spread the word about rescue missions and if possible, fund their work. Signing petitions and spreading them to anyone and everyone ensures that both our own and the Chinese government will be unable to avoid the criticism and outrage being levelled against them for allowing the event to continue yearly. Missions into China, Vietnam and Cambodia, for example, by the likes of Marc Ching of the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation, are not cheap ventures. Transporting both manpower and medical equipment, working one’s way into factories through back channels and under the cover of being businessmen interested in ‘buying meat’, is not only hugely costly and time-consuming, it is dangerous both physically and mentally. I feel that if someone is willing to risk their mental stability and even their lives for the same animal that I have such a passionate love for, the least I can do is support their campaigns in the best way that I can.

Change does not come easily, but in time it does come. Looking back through history, barbaric practices eventually fizzle under immense pressure, and it is time for history to repeat itself. It is so easy to pretend these atrocities do not exist, to exit out of a page containing violent images and flick onto Facebook to erase them from our minds. All the while, thousands of dogs and cats are going to die unimaginable, prolonged deaths whilst we continue about our lives. Ignorance is one of the most dangerous acts we can commit: it is in ignorance that the worst crimes of mankind can be permitted and continued.

I will not insert any graphic images here but I urge everyone who reads this to please, watch this video – it is mostly factual, and if you can not bring yourself to watch the violence, there are warnings and you can skip them. We have the power and voice to stand up for those that are less fortunate, be that oppressed minority groups or animals. I will add in below the petitions that need signing and sharing to mount pressure, and a link to donate to the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation: they are in the midst of raising the means to travel to China and gain access to the factories to buy the dogs before they die, and to lobby officials directly.

As Martin Luther King said, ‘Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.’ I urge everyone reading this to take action in some form, however small or large it is, to bring the barbarism of the Yulin Dog Meat Festival to an end.



  • Totally agree with you Kirst ! I think the respect between us and other forms of life enriches us as a society. Put aside the thought of superiority and value everything around us. Thank you for sharing this with us. I love you xx

  • You’re completely right, animals don’t have to suffer like that! They’re like humans they have feelings, you can’t do that on a human so don’t do it on animals either.. How can someone be so cruel

    • it’s so difficult to understand the logic and reasoning behind it isnt it, can’t believe anyway is capable of it x

  • I was start to crying from the start of this post…this is so cruel! You are absolutely right. I already searching for some great association to help animals…if you know something, please cope me with. I admire you for everything what you doing for better world, love you xx

    • thanks for reading love <3 theres lots of organisations trying to rally support against the festival, any help you can give is enough xx

      • Kirstie This is amazing that someone posts about things like this to spread awareness. Take Zoe Sugg (Zoella) or Tanya Burr’s blogs for example, They dont post about controversial topics like this. And personally, I love your blog alot more. Youre really inspiring, I hope you know that x I may have to do an english presentation soon, (depending on if the teacher wants a presentation or an essay) So would you mind if I possibly included some of the info/points you have made in this? If I do have to do a presentation it will definitely be about this because Im dearly in love with Dogs, And I know you and James are too aha x You guys would be proud, Ive got French bulldog bed sheets on my bed right now ahah x anyway, Love You lots xxxx

        • Ah no worries love. Everyone contributes differently and has their areas of interests and these are definitely mine! Not at all, I would love it! that is so flattering. LOVE the sheets, need to get some myself some ;). Lots of love xx

          • Youre amazing Kirstie! Love u x as soon as my mum gave them to me I legit shouted “OH MY GOD KIRSTIE AND JAMES WOULD LOVE THEM!” and she looked at me like I was crazy so I had to say “Kirstie Brittain and James McVey” and she realized aha x I promise if I meet you (which Im praying I do) I’ll buy you them aha x

  • This is such a horrendous event. I myself love animals so much. I have attended peaceful protests in london to stop dolphin slaughter in Taiji, and signed multiple petitions to stop things like this happening. I have such a love for animals and am a dedicated vegetarian. Animals are so close to my heart and I think it’s amazing that your spreading light on events like this. It’s mad how many people don’t know things like this occur on a daily basis. So happy you are educating people. The more people that know, the more people can help stop events like this occurring. Sorry for rambling on your blog, I just have so much to say about topics like this ❤️

    • Ah no worries, thank you for rambling!! I completely agree and we seem to be on the same page. Makes me feel sick. Thank you for reading x

  • Your absolutely right dogs or any animals should not be treated like this they should be treated with the same respect as everything else. I don’t get how people can be that cruel! Thank you for raising awareness of this and making sure people know we should stop this.

  • Just the killing of any animal is wrong, and to make it worse these dogs could have once been a loved part of a family that has been stolen!! This has taught me some things that I didn’t know and now I want to take even more action against it! Aside from that this is another among blog post Kirstie, I have one question though, how did you start/ set your blog up, I know it sounds stupid but I’m just wondering for my own benefit. Love you 💙

    • I can’t imagine what the owners feel. awful isn’t it. I’m really glad you found it beneficial. I bought my own URL and paid for a hosting site to host my website, and use wordpress as a platform…I can’t be much more specific than that as my brother helped me do it! I found my own theme from a random website and then uploaded it onto wordpress…..none of that probably helps haha im sorry!! lots of love xx

      • Yeah it was beneficial, it’s an awful thing! And thank you it does help a little bit!! Love you 💙Xx

  • This is such an important topic to spread awareness of. Not only this, but poaching too. Very well written. After travelling the whole of Asia I have realised just how awful they are to animals and it’s about time we did something about it. Came across your blog on WordPress trying to find some inspiration for my own. Love it. Keep writing!!

    • Very true! Poaching is horrendous. It is obviously only certain groups/areas that treat animals in certain ways but regardless, it’s going to need to be stopped. I hoped it helped! thank you 🙂 x

  • another amazing great writing!!! It saddens me that this cruel thing is happening in our world! To me you’re not a human when you do these cruel things to animals. Animals are like us like they need to be loved, care for and be treated with respect. I love dogs and had several growing up thinking that could be my dog! I wish it could stop because its outrageous what they’re doing 🙁 I used to volunteer at a place that saved dogs and cats so it was sad seeing all these animals been abused or been left or thrown on the street! I train the dogs to be on a leash so they can get a home and one of the dog I trained found a home so that made me feel happy inside that I helped that dog get a home! Animal rights is close to my heart and wish I could save all the animals that needs home! thanks for this Kirstie xxx You going to inspire others on this 🙂

    • Ah thats so lovely <3 i volunteer at a shelter too myself so can completely relate. thanks for reading xxx

  • Completely agree with you Kirstie! To think that people feel like is the right thing to do and is not cruel is complete beyond me. To call this a festival is completely wrong and no one should be ‘celebrating’ something as nasty and disgusting as this. Thank you for sharing this with us xx

  • I really do admire your desperation for change. If we work together, change is imminent! Your blogs just keep on getting better, keep it up Kirstie.
    Meghan xx

  • I just do not understand how people can do this you animals, and not only dogs but all animals in general…
    btw I love your blog;) xx

  • this is so sad I can’t stop crying and that man in the video is so inspiring! I really don’t understand why people is so cruel.. we need to fight for dogs and for every animal around the world that is in danger.

  • Animal cruelty is one of the worst things I think in the world, my family love animals we have 11 of them, Kirstie do u think if we all sign the form and all share your amazing truthful blog that one day we might b able to stop this? Whatever u write I love b coz it’s just so truthful I love honest people like u, your my inspiration ty! Xx

    • if enough people get behind these petitions and help fund the work that charities and NGOs are doing out there, it will definitely make a difference. Activism has already had an impact so yes it can definitely be stopped eventually <3 lots of love x

  • Personally I believe that this is horrendous and disgusting and just thinking about what these people do make me feel sick 😣😷 I will definitely keep on signing petitions because I can’t believe anybody could actually bring themselves to harming these domestic animals 😥 Thank you for writing this. Emma 💗

    • it’s hard to think about so goodness knows how people go out there and witness/deal with it first hand…thanks for getting involved and no worries x

  • Oh Kirstie this must have been so hard to research and write about, so so vile what happens, and the fact the dogs are aware of what is happening makes the matter ten times worse😖 At least you don’t sugarcoat the situation and be as open about it as possible, I really really hope it comes to an end soon.

  • What happens to these dogs is not acceptable in the slightest as they have feelings as well and the can tell what is going on around them. I hope one day that this is finally stopped and no more dogs have to go through what is happening now as it is horrendous and not a nice thing to think about. It must have been so hard for you to write about such a sensitive topic being an animal lover, like myself. Thank you for teaching people about this and hope to see more amazing blogs from you 💛 xx

  • I’ve longed to read a blog like this. Kirstie it was hard reading the information that is, I’m sad to say, so true, my admiration and respect is so high of you, for wring about such a subject that is close to your heart, and mine alike. Since seeing that your had started a blog (via Snapchat) I couldn’t wait to hear your views, you’re intellect on the subjects are absolute, and I read every update because I can relate so much. Thank you for putting thoughts into writing for us x

  • Oh my god this is literally heartbreaking! I never had any knowledge that such a ‘festival’ like this even existed. However I am so glad you wrote about this because it raises awareness and hopefully it will come to a stop in the very near future.xx

    • I know its awful and the fact that its been kept mostly quiet for quite some time is even worse! thank you for reading x

  • Literally burst into tears while reading your article 🙁
    I love dogs so so much and I will never understand how people can watch or even tolerate this ‘festival’ like, what’s wrong with them? What kind of person can torture so many cute and innocent creatures? This is so revolting and it breaks my heart to know that the human race can be so cruel…
    I completely agree with you. Ignoring this event suggests that we accept this type of activities so we have to fight against this violence. Hopefully, we’ll succeed in banning this festival !
    Moreover, I really want to thank you, Kirstie, for this post because it recalls the cruelty that (unfortunately) dominates our world. You’re so caring and dedicated to defend what seems unfair to you and it’s very rare nowadays (apparently priorities have changed, people prefer to discuss about subtle subjects). I love your mentality, your mind, your soul, thanks for sharing a bit more of ‘you’ through this blog.
    Lots of love xx

    • what a lovely comment!! I totally agree and to be honest it isn’t something I feel most people WILL be able to comprehend because it is purely barbaric. Thanks for the lovely message xx

  • This is heartbreaking but thank you Kirstie for doing this blog and bringing it to our attention, I had no idea this is happening and will definitely do everything I can to help. Hopefully everybody will start to take some action! xx

  • The fact this is still going on us disgusting its something I can’t believe it’s still hqppning causing pain to a defenceless animal without a reason is bad enough but torturing them is horrendous. Loving your blog your talking about some really important issues love you 💕💕

  • Oh this makes me so sad, i agree with you completely. Something should be done to stop this😭 I hate that humans think they have complete power over animals xx

  • Honestly made me cry, to think that some of these innocent animals are stolen pets! There is absolutely no justification for this and I will keep on significant petitions to put an end to this barbaric event, thank you for writing this, can’t imagine how hard the research must have been xx

  • This is horrible. I had heard of the festival but not in any amount of detail and I did not know how awful it was until now! The figures are disgusting and astonishing. It is completely insane to think that things like these are still allowed to happen.
    I’m definitely going to be planning some sort of fundraiser at school for the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation and also push myself further into being fully vegetarian as I gave up red meat last year and I would really like to give up all meat.
    Thank you for the awareness about this issue and another brilliant post,
    Annie xXx

  • I can’t believe it! That’s awful! totally agree with you. Kirstie
    your words are true…

  • Another well written piece! Honestly, I had no idea that this festival existed! I don’t understand how this is even a thing. Do people not have hearts these days? )’: keep up the great work kirstie! Would love to see you write an entry about your opinion on this Brock Turner situation! Much love <3

  • This just makes me wanna cry i watched the link that you attached and its so sad i cant believe how people actualy think like that and do such horrible things, this is one of the reasons why society is such a mess people should start thinking more about what surrouns them and maybe im not saying change their tradition about eating dogs because they are not going to stop eating them but maybe not turturing them in such terrrible ways because they are living beings and they suffer just like us. BTW I love your article, keep going 🙂

    • it’s really hard to watch isn’t it? change will come i think and hopefully it’s not too far in the future. thanks for reading xx

  • This really disgusts me. No animal should go through such torture. I completely agree with you on this and I seriously think it should be stopped. Also I think you are so kind to think about this and write about it.xx

  • Hi Kirstie, I’m @supportkirstieb at instagram and I wanna say that your blog is so inspirational. The world needs more people like you. I always read your texts again and again cause is really amazing. Thank you for this, ily xx

  • Completely agree with this! Animals don’t deserve to suffer like this! P.S Your website is amazing by the way!

  • I agree with everything you say. I am a huge dog lover and this just breaks my heart how they are theaten in this disguisting cruel way. I watched the video and that man is, a man with an incredible beautiful heart. As an asian myself who grew up in Europe, I am ashamed that this kind of cruel festival ever exist. Thank you Kirstie for making an awareness and fighting against this animal cruelty. You are a human being, who is beautiful inside and out. You have a heart that is made out of gold.
    By the way, I love your blog. Keep up with the awesome work. 🙂
    Also, sorry if this reply seems really long.
    Jenni xx

  • This is heartbreaking, horrible, unbelievable. People should know that animals are having life too. They need love! I can’t really imagine this festival 🙁

  • I can’t even describe how sad this festival is, especially the amount of dogs that are totured and killed and the fact that some of them are stolen is horrendous. It needs to be stopped ASAP. It honestly upsets me so much to think that a caring owner could have their dog (who could be their only companion) snatched away from them to be killed for what some terrible people call a “festival”. I want to thank you so much Kirstie for making this blog post. At least I know someone else cares. XX

    • It’s almost too sad to think about! No worries love, thank you for reading it and appreciating it x

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