Donald Trump Must Be Taken Seriously

Donald Trump Must Be Taken Seriously


As of last week Donald J. Trump secured himself enough delegates to become the presumptive Republican nominee in the US general election, reaching a level of electoral success that has already blown away both his supporters and critics alike. Whilst it is easy to laugh off the businessman and television personality turned politician for the incredulous figure that he has shown himself to be, it is painfully clear that he is a far more credible candidate than the general consensus once thought, becoming a front-runner in the race to the presidency.

When Trump announced his intent to run for President in 2015 it seemed the overall response both within and outside of the United States was bemusement, with few appearing to really take his candidacy seriously. The idea of Trump reaching the position of Republican nominee was not one that most even saw worth entertaining, yet eleven months later he has achieved the impossible, and it brings to bear the terrifying prospect that a Donald J. Trump led America is potentially inching closer.

Donald J. Trump is more than an idiotic cartoon character, he is a physical representation of bigotry, racism and sexism, and of how easy it is to vindicate innocent groups. America is a country with a littered history of segregation and racism, and sadly its future is looking increasingly similar. Trump’s campaign has seen barbaric and archaic statements, such as calls for the building of a wall to keep out Hispanics and physically separate the United States from Mexicans who are supposedly out to ‘kill’ US citizens, suggesting and promoting the banning of Muslim immigration, and the use of terms like ‘Pocahontas’ in reference to a Native American identifying Senator. The underlying tool for building support behind his campaign is polarisation. In tirelessly promoting minority groups as a threat to American values and using a damning rhetoric around innocent sections of society, Trump has been able to play on socio-economic grievances and cultural fears that were sadly prevalent in many parts of the world long before he came into the picture.

Opinion polls and election result predictions aside, the more fundamentally alarming aspect of Trump’s campaign is, therefore, the ferocity of the support behind the incredulous figure that he is. More worrying than the Republican candidate’s own views and ludicrous comments, is the intensity with which Trump’s vulgar statements have resonated with a large portion of not only the US public, but many around the world. In a day and age where the spread of Islamic State and the increased frequency of terrorist attacks by Islamic extremist groups are hijacking the news channels and subsequently, (sadly) the name of Islam itself, Trump’s message has never been more poignant to some. There has never been a more receptive time (barring in the wake of 9/11, perhaps) for a public figure as bigoted, racist, and Islamophobic as Trump to work to vindicate an entirely innocent portion of society in the United States.

If I were Muslim, Hispanic, Native American, or another minority group, living in the United States, I would be terrified. I would fear for my security, my property, and my life, and I would be entirely uncertain as to what the future would hold for myself or my family. In 2016 I believe that we, collectively, should feel ashamed that someone like Donald J. Trump has been able to get so far with such a repulsive message and rampant Islamophobia.

Whilst it is easy to mock Trump for the barbaric character that he is, one must detach him from this and see him in the fundamentally dangerous light that he places himself within. His idea of what constitutes a politician is fundamentally flawed: in the face of adversaries or unknown situations he resorts to vulgar insults, sexist propositions and broad, ridiculous suggestions. He has referred to women as ‘fat pigs’, ‘slobs’, critiqued their appearance, and even referred to the ‘blood coming out of’ one woman’s ‘wherever.’ Seemingly lacking any basic understanding of how to treat a woman as an equal, Trump resorts to either mockery or wooing them. Unsurprisingly, the latter fails to get him very far. Being a successful businessman (and even this reputation has been called into question) is not enough. Trump demonstrates neither the vitally important abilities of diplomacy or mediation that a politician, let alone a President, needs to navigate in the complex game of politics.

Without a doubt, Donald J. Trump will not ‘Make America Great Again’. Were he to actually win in November, I see him as doing the complete opposite. As amusing as Trump may seem physically in his ridiculous mannerisms, we must not lose sight of the divisive and fundamentally dangerous message that he is perpetuating and encouraging.

I truly believe that the United States can do better than Donald J. Trump. Losing the prospect of an America under someone like Bernie Sanders, to an America under a sexist, racist bigot like Donald J. Trump will be a crying shame for US citizens and humanity alike.



127 thoughts on “Donald Trump Must Be Taken Seriously”

  • this is such a thoughtful, well written and educational post. You have addressed the frightening issue of Trump’s possible presidency very carefully and very well x

      • Hi Kirstie I hope your well! This post is the best thing I’ve read about this situation and I totally agree with you. I just want you to know that I look up to so much and I hope to be like you when I’m older xx

  • Totally right! Can’t agree more, I’m from South America and it’s terrifying how can a person such as Donald trump be so bad to us and want to create a horrible USA

  • How anyone can support someone who can criticise nearly everyone who isn’t a rich white male is beyond me. Even though I’m not American 🔥feel the bern🔥

  • There was a really interesting video made by the Guardian a few months back (you may have already seen it) highlighting the impact that an elected Trump could have upon the reputation of America. A tedious viewpoint in comparison to the other impacts an elected Trump could/would have on America, but well worth the watch! Thank you for posting this (and for starting a blog), I’m thoroughly enjoying reading your take on current events 🙂 ❤️ Xxx

  • I agree 100% with you about Donald Trump! I live in America and I don’t know who to vote for! I’m scared of what’s going to happen if he does becomes president! My mom said if that happens we are moving to a different country and I always wanted to live in England 🙂
    You took the words out of my mouth about him and the things he has done! I am afraid what’s going to happen in America coming November and hate to see that a world war three may happen! I feel disrespected by him since I’m a woman and I have a disability to know what my future going to become! like I said you are really amazing writer and you inspire me to become a better blogger! He is a pig with really bad hair! keep it up the great writing xxx

    • Thank you for this comment <3 p.s love the bad hair bit 😉 i totally agree, its a scary prospect x

  • Thank you! This sums up exactly what Trump is all about and should be spread all over the world to open people’s eyes. You have written down what so many people are afraid to say. I keep hoping that he won’t become president, but I am truly afraid that his opponent won’t be strong enough to beat the cruel of Trump…

  • It’s well written, totally right, you’re an amazing woman Kirstie ! Keep writing ! You’re the best ! Love u xx

  • So glad you actually have a clue what you’re talking about when it comes to politics! Great post, I look forward to more 💗

  • It really is so scary how a single person is able to shape the ideology of a nation. As a muslim myself, I’ve been so concerned (especially recently) as to how people see me and whether or not their opinions towards me changed when they know I am a muslim. It’s so sad that the word ‘muslim’ or ‘islam’ is commonly associated with terrorism. The last thing we need is someone who enforces that stereotype. Thanks for writing the truth ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • It is isn’t it! I totally agree and i’m so sorry you have to suffer the repercussions of other peoples bigotry 🙁 lots of love x

  • I really enjoyed this post!! It’s well written and really gives an incite into the ideals of Donald Trump from someone clearly educated on the topic and someone of a younger generation outside of the US. It also helped to educate me further on a topic that interests me greatly X

  • I totally agree with you, it’s frightening to know that someone like him has come so far as a candidate for president. I still don’t get how some people can vote for someone so racist and sexist like him. I really hope people realize the damage he could bring to the U.S. before it’s too late.
    Amazing blog btw. x

  • This has actually for once explained what’s going on in America and I now know, thanks to you, that America is in real trouble if he becomes president. So well written and educational Kirstie you’re amazing. This blog amazing. You’re my inspiration and I’m proud to say that ❤️

  • That’s completely incorrect , full of false accusations. Donald Trump isn’t sexist, racist or any other “ist”. He’s a good, yes good, man with a peculiar way of speaking, muslim immigration is a tremendous threat and treating them like ponies (sanders-like policy) will bring the west civilization to a collapse.

  • Think it’s time you got into parliament. I swear someone like you running the country, would be so much more beneficial 😂 Once again, an amazing post Kirstie! ❤️

    • there are far more educated people around than me but i’m happy to still sit here and have a chat! thanks doll x

  • This is such wise words kirstie and I understand where you are coming from! You should just become president, you know just the right things to say! Keep posting these blogs and don’t be nervous to post them! You a lovely inspirational young women! Love you lots xxx 💙

  • This informative text on Donal Trump in USA is brilliant!! You are a great writer. I congratulate you! I hope that you continue writing👍👍😊😊🤗🤗

  • My thoughts exactly. I live in South America and for a few years already my goal has been moving to the US, but thanks to Trump that might not happen. This is really well written and might be eye-opening to some people, so I’ll share it. I wish I could write like you and express myself so well. Amazing post xx

  • This is so well written and has a really good educational message. You’re a real inspiration to us all.

  • not sure about the last statement as it’s sort of contradicting the American politics however saying that I am in no way a Trump supporter.

    • don’t think it does contradict US politics as chances are Trump wouldn’t win with a large margin (we hope), meaning there will be a large portion of the US population with a president they not only did not vote for but probably either fear or vehemently disagree with! thats the point i was trying to make, may have no made it very well! x

  • Thank you so so much. I completely agree with you on this and it needed to be said by someone. I think it’s amazing that you wrote a blog post on this because not many people have the courage to risk being pounced at by Trump’s supporters to actually make a point. I completely support what you’re saying and agree with all of it. Thank you and I hope you post more on the blog because it is great! love you xx

    • it seems to be just on twitter where the trump supporters come out and attack haha, i’ve been safe on this blog so far luckily! Glad you liked it, thank you xx

  • wow! This is amazing, you’re such a good writer Kirstie. Also, this is a great summary if you are not very involved in the topic, and it gives you a wide persepective of what is going on.

  • Hello! kirstie I totally agree with you! I don’t know how anyone can be president if he or she criticizes some people and that is racist and sexist! And now we live in a society where everybody must be equal but destroys him all that our great-grandparents (or more) we make to fight against the racism and the sexism ! you are lovely inspiration LOVE ! x

  • I’m proud of you for what I just read. 👏👏👏👏 You are a great example of woman ,
    You’re absolutely right , I really think that if donald wins the election will happen terrible and very sad things . So i don’t know it’s sad. Greetings from Buenos Aires Beauty

  • Oh thank god that there are people who understand how stupid the idea is to make a person such as Donald Trump to the president of the USA, one of the world most important countries. I am from Italy but I think that it is important for us to understand how dangerous this decision could be, also for us. We are in the 21 century, aren’t we? It is shocking that, even after the terrible things that happend in the past, there are people who support someone like Trump who is, in my opinion only a cruel person who has no heart, no feeling and no respect for other cultures. I totally agree with you and I am so happy there are other people who think so. I adore you so much, you are an idol!

  • Totally agree with all of the above! Keep going with your blogs, I love reading them (even though there’s only been two😂) X

  • You go girl! 👏 I didn’t even know half of these things so thank you for addressing them, very informative (and lord is that man crazy 😡). Emma 💗

  • Keep this up girl! Such an inspiring/educational post that needs to be heard by many. You’re one amazing young lady. Xx

  • Being an american citizen myself, the idea of trump possibly becoming president scares the life out of me! What angers me most is how acts at his rallies. “I’d like to punch him in the face,” is one of the last things I’d ever expect to hear out of a presidential candidate’s mouth! When I was in high school, if we were on an athletic team and got into any sort of trouble (fighting, bullying, drinking) we were kicked off the team. That was just highschool, this is an entire COUNTRY that we may possibly let this man lead. How are there not high standards set for our presidential candidates to uphold?! It saddens me so much that Trump has grown to such popularity. I try to talk to my friends about politics and I have urged them to register to vote & support Bernie, but everyone thinks this election is a joke. If I hear one more time, “I’m against the election so I’m choosing not to vote,” I just may crack. This is our future. We need to care. Feel the Bern & rock the vote! If Trump gets elected I’m 100% getting my passport and leaving. #TrumpSmokesMids

    • I totally agree. People have their reasons for abstaining to vote and in some aspects I agree, but when it comes down to an election like this with candidates so polarised and one so extreme, there really can’t be any room for disinterest or laziness. Completely agree with you x

  • LOVED THIS!! I couldn’t agree more. Personally, I think it’s nearly as scary for foreigners (us) as it is for American citizens because the world looks up to the USA in a sense, more often then not they guide the pathway for the rest of the world and with high possibility of Donald J. Trump as President I am genuinely scared of what is to come in the future.

    P.s. You write REALLY well especially seeing as it’s your first time of having a blog <3

    • thank you love! I agree its a worrying prospect for international relations indeed. Hopefully it won’t turn out the case! thanks again <3 x

  • This is an actual opinion instead of people just giving a rubbish one!Thank you for opening my eyes up to political problems going on in the world right now. Overall, an intelligent blog post-finally someone I can agree with.
    Thanks,Meghan X

  • I loved this post! Completely agree with everything said. It’s easy to think of Trump as just a joke, which of course he is. However, I thought that at least by now people would have gathered that he is nothing more than an undignified, vulgar old man. The fact that they have not, terrifies me. Although I would beterribly anxious for America if he became president, I feel that the rest of the world will suffer also. Especially with all of the tragic terrorist attacks that are going on around the world. I’m not sure that Trump would be a fitting president to respond to those incidents.

    Thank you for finally creating an intelligent, sophisticated blog post on such an important matter. I’ve been wanting you to make something like a blog for a while after seeing a lot of your tweets about topical issues and I am extremely happy that you have! I can’t wait to read more of your views and opinions on things like these!
    Happy Blogging :),
    Annie x X x

    • I completely agree, I think the repercussions of Trump winning would be felt far wider than just within Americas own borders. Super flattered that you like the blog, thank you love xx

  • I can’t believe how a human like him can get followers, and poor country if he take the power! Thanks Kirst for another exellent post! love you xx

    • It’s scary how easy it is to whip up support when you play on brewing fears within a society! Thanks for giving it a read xx

  • This is such a great piece Kirstie! I agree, I saw a metaphor online about how Donald Trump is like that mole you have on your back – it starts off small and insignificant and it slowly gets bigger and bigger until it’s something to worry about – sums it up well I think! Keep writing, can’t wait to read more! Xxx

    • You’re right that is a great metaphor, thanks for sharing that with me and thank you for the love! 💗 X

  • Before I read this I didn’t fully understand the seriousness of the situation, I knew of Donald Trump and have seen some of the things he has said but never understood fully, which I now do. This was really educational and well written in a way that I could understand, thank you 🙂 x

  • This post was interesting to read. Although I’m not interested in Politics, I found it really educational and it would be sooo important for our generation to be involved and use our votes to make a difference!! I hope it made sense. Anyway, I’m really happy you wrote about this and I’d be glad if you wrote more on this topic. 🙂

    • you’re right! Our generations vote is so important so it’s a shame our voter turnout is so low. I’m glad you liked reading it! Thank you x

  • I totally agree with you Kirstie. I don’t really know a lot about the American government (I’m from Australia) but your point of view is very persuasive and educational. I absolutely love your blog and so far the exam part has been very helpful, I can’t wait for you to post more stuff. Your doing great xxx

  • This has really helped me understand thank you, I love reading your posts so thanks for writing them! They are very well written xx

  • You are totally right. Being an American woman i’m fearing what this country will look like if Trump becomes president. My thought process right now is if he does become the republican nominee, then those who supported the other republican nominees like Rubio or Cruz might vote democrat in the general election. Therefore either Bernie or Hillary will likely become president.

    • I do think it seems more likely that Hilary will win. It’s a shame though as the ratings show that neither trump nor Hilary would be popular candidates to win, so I feel a large amount of those voting for Hilary will probably do so simply as a means to ensure Trump won’t win! I guess we will see over the coming months x

  • This is so well written, and I completely understand and agree with your views. If only there were more people like you willing to write openly about this man, then maybe his ‘fans’ would realise what they’re getting themselves into! I very much respect this post, way to go Kirstie xx

    • Ah thank you love! It seems more and more people are talking about it as he gets closer to the presidency but sadly I’m not sure supporters will be swayed by the odd blog post and news article! We can hope xx

  • Kirstie please you must keep writing things like this I’ve learnt so much about this horrible man in literally 5 mins and I couldn’t agree with you more this man disgusts me you should be president I would 100% support you! love reading your blog X

    • So happy that you found it helpful <3 I enjoy writing things like this so there will definitely be more in the future! hahah thank you x

  • I think it’s an incredibly underrated subject and you addressed it perfectly. I fully agree with your opinion and thought you put it across fairly and honestly. I’m so glad you took the time to talk about such an important matter and hope that more and more people start to see sense just as you have done. x

    • Thank you love! (Got the comment about the duplicate, no worries 💗) thank you for the lovely message xx

  • Thank you for this post Kirstie, it was really informative, and especially useful coming from someone who has the political knowledge to speak about issues like this. People really need to realise that Donald Trump becoming president is a possibility, and stand against his oppressive ways. You really have a way with words and I can’t wait to read more posts to come!

  • A very well-written, thought-provoking piece. I am a writer myself and only so often do I come across other writing styles that I genuinely enjoy reading. I completely agree with your views on this matter. Glad to have found a blog centered around current affairs/political issues. I look forward to reading more!

    • This means a lot, thank you. I’m really looking forward to establishing it a bit more. Thanks for the love 🙂

  • The US is such an influential country and I dread to think what effect it would have on the uk if trump was to come into power. Really well done on this post though!

  • This is so well written, I absolutely admire the way you express yourself. Your blog shows how open minded you are and btw the exam part has been very helpful!! Keep writing 😊xx.

  • Hey, I’m considering my future study route and have noticed that you study International relations and history. I have a genuine love for history and politics, and was wondering if you could give me an idea of what this course is like/where it can lead to? Thank you! ☺️
    P.s. I love your blog-especially your Donald Trump post! 👏🏻

    • it’s really very dependent on the university you’re looking at studying! so for me history and IR includes, on the IR side – international political theory, foreign policy, international organisations, and history wise my course is much wider. I have done over the past two years courses on east asian history from the 1850s, the arab-israeli conflict, the cold war from a non-european view. It really does depend on where you are studying though so i suggest checking out course outlines at the schools you like. As to where it can lead you, it really is very broad so I think I’d struggle to suggest a few routes as such x

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  • He’s so disgusting. I’m not from USA but I’m really scared of the election, we haven’t 100% good candidates but he’s definitely terrible. I’m praying so hard for Hillary or another one wins.

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  • Kirstie,
    I could not agree more with this post. I’ve been trying to find this link since you spoke about it on your snapchat story!
    As an American citizen, who is too young to vote, I am terrified. My old classmate’s father works for the idiotic Donald Trump and is a 100% supporter. As I post things on my social media of my hatred for Trump, she constantly defends him.
    I stated that with the more recent mass shootings, America needs strict gun laws and that Trump is one who “adores the 2nd amendment” (the right to bear arms). She stated that, if strict gun laws ever happen, citizens would still have guns, much like citizens still do drugs when they are illegal. However, I believe that if gun laws are stricter than drug laws, there will be no citizen with guns.
    I know not many citizens do not support Hilary Clinton or Donald J. Trump, but I would much rather have her as president than him. It breaks my heart that Bernie Sanders is out of the race, when he was the best candidate to begin with, but I hope and pray that America won’t be burdened with an imbecile as an American president.

  • couldn’t agree more with you !! Though I don’t live in the US, it terrifies me to think that he could be President , as Mexican it hurts me deep every time I hear one of his speeches, because I know for a fact that the majority of latin immigrants, legal or not, are the opposite of what he says.
    I thank you for writing this post and showing the reality. xxx

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