An Introduction

An Introduction


Firstly, thank you for sparing a minute to take a look at this site.

I have been meaning to get around to this for a ridiculously long time, but life got too busy and I got too snowed underneath it. Exams and my second year of university are complete and I have finally managed to crawl back to the surface, meaning I at last have time to set up this website and get it off the ground.

I wanted to set this blog up for various reasons, but largely as a result of my love for:

  1. Writing and a desire to hone my skills at it
  2. Discussing topical issues, or issues important to me, that I think should be important to everyone.

Eventually I hope to have different posts logged under separate categories, but at the moment I am not sure what those categories will end up being. I think from here I will just post, and eventually things will find some coherency naturally. Bear with me please because I am no Moss from The IT Crowd.

Thanks again for showing an interest, and I hope you enjoy!


Kirstie x

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